Snowflake Marketplace

What is the Snowflake Marketplace and

how can you get involved?

What is the Snowflake Marketplace?

The Snowflake Marketplace is an online marketplace where you can discover and access third-party data and services, as well as market your own data products across the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Snowflake Marketplace is designed to help organisations securely and efficiently store, manage, and exchange data. The Snowflake Marketplace encourages data and app exchange, enabling users to find solutions and data resources that meet their specific needs.

Snowflake Marketplace

Features of Snowflake Marketplace

Snowflake Marketplace - Data Asset Exchange and Monetisation

Data asset exchange and monetisation

The platform facilitates the hosting of data products for data providers, but also allows data users to search, preview or trial, access those products. With a range of free, paid and personalised data products by request, data providers can monetise their data assets on Snowflake Marketplace.

Snowflake Marketplace - Data Diversity

Data diversity

Snowflake Marketplace holds a wide range of data sets from data providers across the globe. Data products include industry-specific data, third-party data, and data apps, allowing organisations to access a wealth of information and solutions to meet a variety of business needs.

Snowflake Marketplace - Ease of Integration

Ease of integration

Data from the Snowflake Marketplace can be easily integrated into Snowflake’s data cloud platform. Snowflake’s cloud-based platform is known for its scalability, allowing organisations to handle large volumes of data and grow their analytics capabilities as needed.

Snowflake Marketplace - Data Governance

Data governance and security

Snowflake provides data governance and security features, and strict requirements for data providers to ensure that data shared and accessed through the marketplace is protected and compliant with relevant regulations.

How you can get involved in the Snowflake Marketplace

An organisation can get involved in Snowflake Marketplace by becoming a data or data app provider, or a consumer of data.

Data Consumer

As a Data Consumer

Organisations can find and access suitable data products on Snowflake Marketplace.

Generally, you need a Snowflake account to access the data assets, but we’ve shared steps to access Snowflake Marketplace listings without a Snowflake account.

Data Provider

As a Data Asset Provider

Organisations can become a data provider by posting and sharing their data assets onto Snowflake Marketplace for other organisations. As a provider, not only could you potentially monetise your data assets, but you can monitor usage, data shares and products and build a professional brand presence with consumers.

Please note that there are requirements to become a Snowflake Marketplace provider.

When you’re ready to share your data assets, learn how you can create and publish a listing on Snowflake Marketplace.


Data Consumer and Provider

As both a Data Consumer and Data Asset Provider

There’s no reason an organisation couldn’t simultaneously be a data provider and a consumer.

Snowflake Marketplace offers a secure platform for organisations to discover, exchange, and integrate a diverse array of data assets and native data apps seamlessly with Snowflake’s cloud-based data platform.

Whether you’re seeking to provide or consume data, the Snowflake Marketplace is your gateway to a thriving ecosystem of insights and innovation.


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