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The Proptech Cloud is powered by Data Army.

Data Army is an Australian consultancy specialising in data-driven transformations. Committed to helping businesses harness the power of data to fuel growth and innovation, Data Army has a wealth of experience working with real estate and property data.

Data Army

The Proptech Cloud aims to

Exchange knowledge

Share property data, apps, knowledge, perspectives and insights


Enhance property know-how and uplift organisational expertise


Enable individuals and businesses who use and rely on property data to refocus their efforts on higher value insights

Michael Ogilvie

Michael Ogilvie

Director, Data Army and Founder of The Proptech Cloud

“We aim to foster an innovative, progressive community and empower businesses that work with proptech data.”


Insights to excel your business

The Proptech Cloud is committed to technology innovation, fostering a data-driven community and empowering businesses that work with proptech data.

Insights to excel businesses working with property data
Data analysis

Enhancing property know-how.

By sharing knowledge, approaches, use cases and sample data pipelines.

Uplifting businesses relying on property data.

Facilitating data exchanges within the proptech ecosystem.

Focus on what matters most

Focus on what matters most.

Removing undifferentiated heavy lifting, so you can advance and refocus your energy on higher value property insights.

Want more from your data?

The data possibilities are endless! Speak to Data Army, the data experts, to understand how they can help you achieve more with your data.