About Us

The Proptech Cloud centralises educational content, data listings and the latest insights, trends and advancements in the world of data powering real estate.

We also play an active role in the dynamic proptech space; participating in events, contributing to the evolving dialogue, offering training, fueling innovation in property and supporting the community to thrive.

By sharing specialised industry knowledge and expertise with businesses and individuals working with property data, we aim to improve problem solving, enhance collaboration and support the community to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

The Proptech Cloud strives to foster a data-driven community and empower businesses that work with property data.

 Who we serve

  • Innovative proptechs

Trailblazers and pioneers disrupting the real estate industry with groundbreaking technology and challenging traditional processes. We offer the expertise, resources and data to support these forward-thinking companies in driving their transformative initiatives.

  • Individuals and businesses who work with property data

The Proptech Cloud is an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses engaged in working with property data. Our curated range of data apps and data library showcases the relevant tools and data to help enhance data management, analysis, and decision-making processes.

  • Industries adjacent to real estate

The Proptech Cloud is relevant to industries closely associated with real estate. Examples include insurance companies, governments and councils, and banks and financial institutions. The Proptech Cloud acts as a central hub, providing relevant and up-to-date property related knowledge, tools and data to facilitate informed decision-making across various sectors.

The Proptech Cloud is powered by Data Army in partnership with Snowflake.

Data Army is a leading Australian consultancy specialising in data-driven transformations. Committed to helping businesses harness the power of data to fuel growth and innovation. Their deep expertise and industry knowledge empowers organisations on their data journey and unlocks new possibilities for success.

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Empowering proptech pioneers with data-driven knowledge for a smarter real estate future.