How to get involved

You’ve seen what The Proptech Cloud is about and want to know how to get involved? Read on to find out how.

As a consumer

As an individual or a business, you can access the knowledge hub, any data or apps you see listed on The Proptech Cloud.

You generally need to create a Snowflake Account to access the data and apps, but we can also guide you in how to use Snowflake Marketplace without a Snowflake account.

If you find the information useful, don’t keep it to yourself! Share, like and engage with us on Linkedin and Facebook, or join us at events, and let’s grow this thriving community!


Data Consumer
Data Provider

As a data provider

We invite you to contribute to our community as a partner sharing valuable data sets to fuel the proptech industry.

Your partnership with us can be a significant step towards advancing innovation and insights in the proptech sector. Understand how to get started hosting data sets or data apps on the Snowflake Marketplace>

After you’ve successfully created your data listing, please contact us to request hosting and amplification on The Proptech Cloud Data Library or Data App Library with visibility to a dedicated proptech audience.

It’s important to note that while we encourage data contributions, we do reserve the right to evaluate and make the ultimate decision based on factors such as relevance and compatibility with The Proptech Cloud’s goals.

As an authoritative thought leader

We recognise the value of specialised proptech expertise and provide a unique platform for thought leaders to showcase your knowledge and insights to a wide and engaged audience. We offer two opportunities to collaborate with us:

  1. Content Sharing Partnership: By sharing your content on our platforms, you can expand your reach and influence within the proptech community. Your expertise will be showcased to our discerning audience, further solidifying your position as a thought leader.
  2. Bespoke Content Creation: Alternatively, you can work closely with our team to create tailor-made, quality content that provides valuable knowledge and solutions to our audience. This collaborative approach allows you to have a direct impact on shaping the narrative in the proptech industry.

Contact us for more information.

Authoritative Thought Leader