Your questions answered.

We answer your questions about The Proptech Cloud.

What is The Proptech Cloud?

The Proptech Cloud is a growing community sharing insights, trends and advancements in the world of data powering real estate.

The Proptech Cloud comprises an online hub centralising educational property content, relevant data sets and data apps. This one-stop hub allows proptechs to access property and real estate information, data and apps.

We also play an active role in the dynamic proptech space by participating in events, contributing to the evolving dialogue, offering training, fueling innovation in property and supporting the community to thrive.

The Proptech Cloud also has a presence on Linkedin and Facebook to facilitate meaningful discussions and share helpful content.

The Proptech Cloud is powered by Data Army in partnership with Snowflake.

Data Army is a leading Australian consultancy specialising in data-driven transformations. Committed to helping businesses harness the power of data to fuel growth and innovation, Data Army empowers businesses on their data journey and unlock new possibilities for success.

What information is available on TheProptechCloud.com?

The Proptech Cloud shares specialised industry knowledge, expertise and insights which proptechs can reference and use. This content is shared in the form of blogs.

We understand the important role that data plays in decision-making, in driving deeper insights and developing innovative solutions to problems. This is why we curate a range of data sets in our Data Library to aid proptechs.

We also shortlist a range of valuable data apps used for data processing, analysis and transformation.

Why was The Proptech Cloud created?

After years of working with proptechs and property data, The Proptech Cloud’s founder, Michael Ogilvie of Data Army, saw an opportunity to facilitate the exchange of property knowledge and data to advance proptechs, improve problem solving, encourage innovation and collaboration.

The Proptech Cloud was created to offer a platform where property specialists and organisations can exchange proptech expertise, information and data listings to uplift organisational expertise and advance their work in property and real estate.

Collectively, The Proptech Cloud aims to create and foster a data-driven community which empowers businesses that work with proptech data.

How is Snowflake and the Snowflake Marketplace involved with The Proptech Cloud?

The Proptech Cloud is powered by Data Army in partnership with Snowflake.

The Proptech Cloud showcases useful data and apps useful for the proptech and real estate industry on our website, however, we do not facilitate the exchange of these data assets.

If you see any data assets on The Proptech Cloud that you want to access, simply click through to the Snowflake Marketplace to access them. These data assets are hosted on the Snowflake Marketplace, which facilitates the exchange of data sets and apps.

Generally a Snowflake account is required, but we provide some guidance on how to access the Snowflake Marketplace without a Snowflake account.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways that proptechs, leaders and businesses can get involved with The Proptech Cloud:

  • As a data consumer working in proptech.
  • As a data provider sharing valuable data sets to fuel the proptech industry. Add your data to Snowflake Marketplace and let The Proptech Cloud share and amplify your data assets.
  • As an authoritative thought leader sharing your specialised proptech expertise.

Read more on how to get involved or contact us to learn more.

How can I access the data sets and data apps you share on The Proptech Cloud?

All data sets and apps that you see on The Proptech Cloud are currently hosted and available directly from the Snowflake Marketplace. Please be aware that some have a cost associated with access.

Generally a Snowflake account is required to access those data assets, but we also provide guidance on how to access Snowflake Marketplace without a Snowflake account.