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The Proptech Cloud and Data Army have a collaborative relationship with Snowflake.

All the listings on our data listing library are available from Snowflake Marketplace, a hub for data enthusiasts, offering seamless data sharing and exchange.

This collaboration not only enhances our ability to deliver relevant and engaging property technology content but also strengthens our commitment to fostering a data-driven community that thrives on shared knowledge and innovation.

Together with Snowflake, The Proptech Cloud aspires to drive meaningful change and inspire our community to explore the limitless possibilities of data.

About Snowflake

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Organisations use Snowflake’s Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads across multiple clouds and geographies to drive positive business outcomes and customer advantages.

What is the Data Cloud?

Snowflake’s Data Cloud is one global, unified solution that enables governed access to near-infinite amounts of data, and cutting-edge tools, applications, and services. With the Data Cloud, you can seamlessly collaborate locally or globally to reveal new insights and create previously unforeseen business opportunities. The many benefits of the Data Cloud fall into three main areas:



Discover and share varying types of data within your organisation, across your business ecosystem, with third-party data providers, and data services and application providers.

Use Snowflake Marketplace to access data, services, and applications to best know and serve your customers in the moment with seamless, relevant, and value-driven experiences.



Know and protect your data in ways that can drive collaboration and unlock value, while maintaining robust levels of security.

Ensure your ability to comply with evolving data privacy requirements.

Adhere to industry and geographic data regulations no matter where data, applications, or users reside in order to create a near-unlimited combination of strategies and solutions to advance your business.



Unite siloed data to empower every part of your business with data to build applications, and execute diverse workloads such as collaboration, data warehouses, data lakes, data engineering, data science & ML, cybersecurity, and Unistore.

Work seamlessly and globally across major clouds and their regions.

Why businesses choose Snowflake

Improved data accessibility

Ability to make better, quicker business decisions, which improves productivity and agility, increases product innovation, and provides new business insights and opportunities.

Near-zero maintenance

Lower maintenance and administrative costs and increased staff productivity.

360-degree view of the customer

Better customer experience, increased revenue from customers, and higher customer satisfaction.

Secure data sharing

Ability to securely share data in a governed way across your organisation and with partners, vendors, and customers without moving or copying the data.

Separate compute and storage

Low storage costs and the ability to pay for only the compute resources you actually use.

30-day Free Trial

Experience the Data Cloud that helps eliminate the complexity, cost, and constraints inherent with other solutions.

Buildings and sky

Snowflake Marketplace

At Snowflake Marketplace, businesses discover, evaluate, and purchase the data, data services, and applications they need to power innovative business solutions. Find, try, and buy data and applications now.

Want more from your data?

The data possibilities are endless! Speak to Data Army, the data experts, to understand how they can help you achieve more with your data.