Data Listings


Addressing the real estate industry’s data needs.

In today’s data-driven world, information holds immense value for businesses and individuals alike. Data listings streamline the acquisition and management of essential data sets and apps.

The Proptech Cloud curates a vast array of property-related information and applications catering to various roles, individuals, and businesses involved in real estate and property.

A data listing could be a data set or a data app made available by a provider.

In the property context, these data sets could contain crucial information related to real estate, land, infrastructure, demographics and more.

Data apps leverage data processing and analysis capabilities to provide users with a wide range of functionalities and insights.

Comprehensive data listings are made available and easily accessible on Snowflake Marketplace.

Types of Data Listings

Primarily focused on property and its various aspects, our data listings library covers a wide range of data related to real estate and applications to enable data-driven insights and actions.

Whether it’s data on property values, market trends, zoning regulations, or development opportunities, these listings cater to the diverse needs of stakeholders in the property industry.

Construction worker on site


The goal of sharing and promoting industry-related data listings revolves around reusing trusted data, saving time, and avoiding the need to search and validate data manually.

By providing instant access to valuable information, these listings reduce the hurdles and challenges associated with data access, security, and liability.

Additionally, access to reliable data listings eliminates low-value data management tasks, such as data loading, transformation, and integration.

While data applications can enable users to get more out of that data, faster.

Who is this data for?

Businesses involved in all facets of property will find value in these curated data listings and apps.

They are commonly used by a wide range of roles, individuals, and businesses involved in property-related analysis and decision making.

Product managers, data acquisition managers, data engineers, data analysts – anyone whose work revolves around property can benefit from these data listings.

Rows of buildings alongside a beach
Rows of buildings alongside a beach

Why use data listings?

By readily accessing standardised data sets and apps, professionals can focus their time and effort on higher-value processes like machine learning, AI, and inference models, enabling users to extract meaningful insights from the data they work with.

By offering easy access to quality and reliable data and apps, The Proptech Cloud empowers proptech users to work more efficiently and streamline their operations so they can focus on what drives the most value – real estate and property insights.

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