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15 person-level segments, each with a unique motivational, lifestyle and sustainability profiles

Geotribes - Sociodemographic Segments (AUS)

Data Overview

geoTribes segments are powered by a unique algorithm that turns age into lifecycle stage so each adult in a household gets the geoTribes Segment that’s right for their age. It combines national census and public microdata and is updated regularly for population changes. From these non-PII sources, we extract two key drivers of consumer purchasing behaviour, media consumption and psychology, being socioeconomic status (SES) and lifecycle stage.
Trial product is provided at no charge for a 90-day evaluation. Trial dataset includes data for the SA4 (Statistical Area Level 4) of 125 – Sydney – Parramatta.
The segments are appended to customer, audience and survey research databases in a process that uses sophisticated probability calculations to translate spatial segment concentrations, dwelling type and the age band of each individual database record to allocate a ‘best fitting’ lifecycle stage, socioeconomic status decile and person-level geoTribes segment.
The geoSmart Geodemographic scheme as well as the underlying geoTribes Dimensions (Socioeconomic Status, Lifecycle Stage, Cultural Influence and Settlement Density) are supplied as companion variables to the geoTribes segments.
Expected Workflow:
  1. User requests this data from geoTribes (via the Request button);
  2. geoTribes and user agree to commercial terms;
  3. geoTribes provides user with details of datashare via UDTF;
  4. User appends geoTribes content to their database through the Snowflake datashare.
  5. geoTribes content is available on user database for analytics, visualization and other use cases.
geoTribes Consumer Segments (AUS) are supplied as a Snowflake UDTF that accepts a database with the following schema as input:
  • RECORDID (unique record ID)
  • MATCHKEY (Either 11-character 2021 SA1 code or 4-character postcode)
  • ADDTYPE (2-level coding of dwelling type)
  • AGEBRK (13-level coding of age in 5-year bands)
The UDTF will return the following as additional fields for each RECORDID:
  • GEOTRIBE_TAG (15 level geoTribes segment code)
  • LCS_TAG (8 level Lifecycle Stage code)
  • SESDECL_TAG (10 level Socioeconomic Status Decile code
  • CULTURE_MKEY (10-level code representing Area Level Cultural Influence)
  • DENSITY_MKEY (7-level code representing Area Level Settlement Density)
  • SESPCTL_TAG (1-100 Socioeconomic Status Percentile code)
  • GEOLOCHI_MKEY (11 level geoSmart Geodemographic code)
  • GEOLOCLO_MKEY (56 level geoSmart Geodemographic code)

Cloud Region Availability

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Geographic Coverage

Australia (by Address)


Business Needs

Audience Segmentation

Personalize Customer Experiences

Market Analysis

Audience Segmentation



geoTribes Consumer Segments (AUS) provides a readily-interpreted needs-based segmentation framework that’s optimized for use on customer databases. It supports knowledge integration as the segments work identically on customer and audience databases, market research surveys and geographic areas.

Personalize Customer Experiences



Use the extensive profiling data in the geoTribes Segment Profiler tool to develop a deep customer understanding in terms of Motivations, Attitudes, Buying Behaviours, Household Expenditure, Media Exposure, Intentions, Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Finance and Economics.

Market Analysis



geoTribes and geoSmart segments provide a comprehensive framework for understanding market performance and the factors driving underperformance.