Environmental Insights (Australia)

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A national database organised by property/address, containing data on the Flood, Fire and Contamination hazards

Land Insight - Environmental Insights (Australia)

Data Overview

As the cost of managing environmental issues continues to increase, access to trusted environmental data is critical for the responsible management of a property portfolio.
Land Insight’s database, Environmental Insights, contains information compiled as part of our National Environmental Hazards and Perils Data (NEHAP).
The data is sourced from various departments and government bodies that identify and report hazards. This data is then meticulously analysed by industry experts. Data is ranked based on a detailed analysis of the respective hazard, providing a clear understanding of the potential risks.
The database is organised by property/address, containing information on the following risks:
  • Contamination hazards
  • Flood hazards
  • Fire hazards

This unique database of environmental information enables consumers to improve their understanding and forecasting of possible risks to land and property across Australia.

Dataset details

Environmental Insights information, at the address level, includes:

  • Location information (GNAF identifiers, Lot/DP, Location Address, Postcode, Lat/Long)
  • Contamination, fire, flood hazards
  • Hazard ranking (low-high)

For more in-depth insights into contamination types, flood classifications, and bushfire details, contact:

Dataset included:

Fields included:

  • gnaf_id
  • lot/dp
  • full_address
  • has_fire_info
  • fire_risk
  • has_flood_info
  • flood_risk
  • has_contam_info
  • contam_risk
  • center_long
  • center_lat
  • geometry

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Asia Pacific (Sydney)

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Geographic Coverage

Australia (by Address)


Business Needs


In a world where accurate and reliable information is the key to making informed decisions, finding the right information provider is crucial. Land Insight stands apart, offering environmental datasets meticulously curated by specialists, industry experts and scientists.

Environmental Insights is vital for businesses to manage risks, ensure continuity of operations, protect assets, comply with regulations, and safeguard against property value fluctuations. This environmental database is a crucial resource for making well-informed decisions on site selection and mitigating risks.