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Detailed demographic statistics based on various attributes within specific jurisdictions, often identified by zip codes.

InSights Demographics Bundle

Data Overview

The dataset represented by the DEMOGRAPHIC_STATISTICS_BY_ZIP_CODE appears to provide detailed demographic statistics based on various attributes within specific jurisdictions, often identified by zip codes.

The dataset aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the demographic makeup within different jurisdictions, allowing businesses, organizations, researchers, and policymakers to gain insights into population characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, citizenship status, and public assistance reception.

The dataset aggregates this information for ease of access and analysis, enabling users to make informed decisions, conduct research, and develop strategies that align with the needs and attributes of specific jurisdictions. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding and addressing diverse demographic aspects within various communities.

Sample Fields included:


Sample Tables included:


Sample Datasets include:

  • JURISDICTION_NAME : Name or identifier of the jurisdiction (e.g., zip code)
  • COUNT_PARTICIPANTS : Total count of participants within the jurisdiction
  • COUNT_FEMALE : Count of participants who identify as female
  • PERCENT_FEMALE : Percentage of participants who identify as female
  • COUNT_MALE : Count of participants who identify as male
  • PERCENT_MALE : Percentage of participants who identify as male

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Business Needs

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Population Health Management

Economic Impact Analysis



• Market Segmentation:
Businesses can use demographic data to segment markets and tailor their products, services, and marketing efforts to specific groups.

• Resource Allocation:
Government agencies and social service organizations can allocate resources effectively by understanding the distribution of population characteristics. This can help in planning programs, services, and assistance for various demographic groups.

• Social Equity Analysis:
Demographic data can be used to identify areas where there might be disparities in access to resources or services based on gender, ethnicity, or other factors. This can guide efforts to promote social equity.

Population Health Management



• Public Policy Development:
Policymakers can use demographic data to formulate and evaluate policies related to gender equality, diversity, social welfare, and more. For instance, understanding gender distribution can inform policies related to workplace diversity and gender equality.

• Healthcare Planning:
Healthcare providers can analyze demographic data to anticipate health needs within different communities. This could include planning for language-specific services, health education campaigns, or disease prevention strategies.

• Educational Outreach:
Educational institutions can tailor their programs and outreach efforts to address the needs of diverse student populations, ensuring inclusivity and equal educational opportunities.