Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand

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An all-inclusive source for an array of public and private datasets from over 40 organisations nationwide.

Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand

Data Overview

Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand is an all-inclusive source for an array of public and private datasets from over 40 organisations nationwide. Boasting more than 850 datasets, including GIS data, you’ll optimise your time and resources by accessing pristine and ready-to-analyse data via Snowflake Marketplace. Keep a competitive edge with our routinely refreshed data, accommodating every project, report, and strategy with effortless integration into Tableau, Power BI, R, Python, Excel, or other data analysis tools.

This subscription grants access to a wide spectrum of data, including demographics, social aspects, economics, environment, and culture, all available publicly and at a more detailed regional level. Consult our data dictionary for a comprehensive list of accessible datasets. Unleash the full potential of New Zealand’s data ecosystem with Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand. Whether you’re an analyst, policymaker, or entrepreneur, our expansive and curated data lake equips you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions with ease and assurance.


  1. Time Efficiency: Bypass the lengthy process of searching, downloading, and cleaning datasets. Get instant access to current, clean, and analysis-ready data, enabling you to concentrate on what’s truly essential – your insights and analysis.
  2. Most Granular Area Level: As per the source, data is available on either Regional, Territorial Authority, District Health Board, Statistical Area
  3. Statistical Area 1, Meshblock or any other granular level available. 3. Tailored Access: If a specific dataset is missing from our data lake, just inform us, and we’ll promptly include it.
  4. Smooth Integration: Our data lake flawlessly integrates with Tableau and other widely-used data analysis tools. Harness the power of Snowflake Marketplace for a seamless and proficient data integration experience.
  5. Easy Updates: Maintain up-to-date dashboards and reports with our regular data updates. A quick refresh guarantees you’re always working with the latest data available.

Data Sources

Data is collected from Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Civil Defence, Department of Conservation (DOC), Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Electoral Commission, Electricity Authority, Energy Efficiency And Conservation Authority (EECA), Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Heritage New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand (INZ), Kainga Ora (KO), Landcare Research, Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Maori Land Court, Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE), Ministry of Children, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Housing And Urban Development (HUD), Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry of Transport, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand Police, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), QEII National Trust, Quality of Life Survey, Quotable Value, Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Statistics New Zealand, The Treasury, University of Auckland, University of Otago, Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation, Westpac New Zealand Limited and few more.


Sample Data

Source: Statistics New Zealand Table: Birthplace (broad geographic areas) by highest qualification by age and sex, for the census usually resident population count aged 15 years and over, 2006, 2013, and 2018 Censuses (RC, TA, SA2, DHB) Fields: TA/Region, Area, Area Code, Years Since Arrival in NZ, Year, Birthplace, Sex, Age Group, Value
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Available on request

Geographic Coverage

New Zealand (by City)

Time Coverage

January 1, 2018 - January 4, 2023 (by month)


Business Needs

360-Degree Customer View

Data Quality and Cleansing

Economic Impact Analysis

Location Geocoding

Population Health Management

Location Planning

360-Degree Customer View



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand, offering a 360-degree data solution for various sectors, enables businesses to comprehensively understand their customers by aggregating and analyzing data from multiple touchpoints and interactions. This holistic approach provides key benefits for organizations seeking to enhance their decision-making, planning, and customer engagement.

By accessing our diverse datasets, organizations can create personalized experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and improved customer service based on a 360-degree customer view. The comprehensive insights obtained from Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand help guide strategic decisions, product development, and pricing strategies, ensuring alignment with customer needs and expectations. It streamlines data access with seamless integration, regular updates, and pre-cleaned datasets, empowering businesses to efficiently drive initiatives across various sectors.

Data Quality and Cleansing



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand delivers a comprehensive data solution that provides high-quality, cleansed datasets tailored to various sectors, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted strategies. By maintaining data quality and performing data cleansing, we ensure that businesses have access to accurate, consistent, complete, timely, and relevant information to support their initiatives.

Our data solution saves time and resources by offering seamless integration with data analysis tools, regular updates, and elimination of data searching, downloading, and cleaning. With a diverse range of datasets at your disposal, businesses can capitalize on urban planning, policy-making, market analysis, risk management, inventory optimization, cultural heritage preservation, academic research, and healthcare interventions.

Economic Impact Analysis



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand not only streamlines data access but also simplifies the process of conducting economic impact analysis by ensuring datasets are clean, updated, and readily available. With this comprehensive data solution, organizations can focus on assessing the direct and indirect consequences of their projects, policies, or investments on economic variables, such as job creation, GDP growth, and tax revenue generation.

In addition, Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand caters to the unique needs of various sectors, empowering stakeholders in Local Government, Central Government, Economic Development Agencies, Public Health Organisations, and more to make informed decisions that positively influence their respective economies. In essence, Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand provides the foundation for robust economic impact analysis, enabling organizations to measure the effectiveness of their initiatives and make data-driven decisions to drive sustainable economic growth.

Location Geocoding



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand supports location geocoding by providing access to comprehensive, high-quality GIS datasets that enable organizations to convert textual descriptions of addresses or places into precise geographic coordinates. These GIS datasets can be integrated with other data sources available in the data lake, facilitating seamless spatial analysis, visualization, and decision-making.

By offering seamless integration with data analysis tools and GIS software, Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand enables organizations to efficiently analyze and visualize spatial data, drawing insights on various location-based aspects of their projects or operations. This extensive data resource empowers stakeholders in Local Government, Central Government, Economic Development Agencies, Private Sector, and more to make informed decisions that take into account the spatial relationships and patterns in their respective domains.

Population Health Management



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand supports population health management by providing Public Health Organizations and social organizations with comprehensive, high-quality datasets essential for understanding the health status of specific populations. By offering seamless integration with data analysis tools, Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand allows these organizations to efficiently analyze health-related data and identify trends, disparities, and health determinants within their communities.

Leveraging Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand's extensive datasets, including demographic, social, economic, environmental, and cultural data, Public Health Organizations and social organizations can effectively engage in risk stratification, care coordination, health promotion, and patient engagement initiatives. This empowers them to design and implement targeted interventions aimed at improving the overall health and well-being of their communities.

Location Planning



Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand supports location planning by providing comprehensive, high-quality datasets that cater to the unique needs of local councils, as well as their annual and long-term plan reports. These datasets cover various factors crucial for location planning, such as demographics, infrastructure, land use, environmental data, and GIS datasets.

By offering seamless integration with data analysis tools, Data Lake Aotearoa New Zealand empowers local councils to efficiently analyze data and derive insights to support their location planning efforts. The extensive data resources allow local councils to better understand target markets, accessibility, competition, costs, and local regulations, enabling them to make well-informed decisions on selecting optimal locations for facilities and services.