Construction Activity

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This data listing contains statistics for Australian construction activity helpful for planning, demand forecasting and construction cycle timing.

Construction Activity - Australia

Data Overview

This data listing includes data sets from several Australian organisations that have made their data freely available under Creative Commons licencing.

Australian Bureau Of Statistics – Building Approvals, Australia


Approvals included:

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Alterations and additions to existing buildings
  • Non-structural renovation and refurbishment
  • Installation of integral building fixtures
  • Full demolitions of existing dwellings.

As used to publish –
Australian Bureau of Statistics. Building Approvals, Australia. ABS.

Data available for:

  • Australia
  • States and territories
  • Statistical Area Level 2,3,4 (SA1, SA2, SA3, SA4)

Statistics of building work approved are compiled from:

  • Local government authorities and other principal certifying authorities
  • Contracts authorised by government authorities
  • Media reports and the Building Activity Survey.

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The Building Approvals data set can be used for analysing construction activity in Australia.