Australia Post - Standard Postcode Lookup

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Australian Postcodes and Localities

Australia Post - Standard Postcode Lookup

Data Overview

The Australia Post Standard Postcode data contains a list of localities and postcodes with associated postal type category.
– PCode: Unique 4-digit numeric identifier assigned and used by Australia Post to efficiently sort and deliver mail.
The numbers are in the range 0000 – 9999.
Preceding zeroes must be applied and therefore the
field is assigned as alphanumeric (X).
– Locality: Geographic or Non-Geographic. Geographic Localities are generally gazetted bounded localities and are assigned by government agencies. Non-Geographic Localities or Postal Localities are assigned by Australia Post.
– State: Generally, the State that the Locality is physically
located in.
– Comments Additional Information relating to the Locality.
Primarily used for Postal Localities.
– Category Postcode Category Description:
  • Delivery Area – Street Addressed, may also include PO Boxes
  • Post Office Boxes – Internal
  • LVR – Internal Use Large Volume Receiver
Permitted Use
  • Assist with providing products and services to customers
  • Embedded online validation
  • Validating internal information that may be provided to other parties required under law, regulation, or industry code

Prohibited Use

  • Use for the benefit of a third party
  • Create derivative works to provide to others
  • Sub-licence, rent or transfer
  • Copy, reproduce, publish
  • Reverse engineer or disassemble
  • Use which causes loss to Australia Post
*Data updated monthly
**Data for Australia at postal code level

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Business Needs

Data Quality and Cleansing

The Australia Post - Standard Postcode listing can be used to validate Australian postcodes and localities stored in your databases exist.

The linkage between postcode and locality also make it possible to cleanse address records and add missing postcodes or localities by performing a lookup.