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A detailed representation of zoning designations and regulations across Australia.

Archistar - Australian Property Planning Rules - Land Use

Data Overview

In Australia, land use zones are categories into which land and property are classified, outlining what can be built and how the land can be used in each category. These zones are part of planning documents that local councils and State Government use to manage land use within their jurisdictions. They are intended to ensure that land use is appropriate for its location, environmental factors, and the needs of the community.
The Land Use Zoning boundaries listing is compiled from over 38 sources across the country and cover 500 jurisdictions.
All boundaries in this data set are represented in GDA94.
Schemas available:
  • ARCHISTAR: The single schema for all Archistar Snowflake Marketplace listings
Tables available:
  • ZONING_NSW_SAMPLE: Contains the Zone boundaries, in GDA94 form, for the Sydney region, along with the relevant Land Use Zone codes and descriptions.
This sample is for a subset of Sydney, NSW Land User zoning.
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Location Planning

Each land use zone has its own set of planning rules, like building heights, floor space ratios, and what kind of developments or uses are allowed or prohibited. So if you're planning to buy, sell, or develop property in NSW, you'll need to know what zone it's in and what the zoning rules are. If you're considering a specific property or development in NSW, it's also essential to check the local council's LEP, which provides detailed rules and guidelines for each land use zone within that council area.